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3 Bedroom House in birmingham looking for a 3 Bedroom House in stechford
2 Bedroom House in bath looking for a 3 Bedroom House in Westfield, Midsomer Norton,Welton and Radstock
2 Bedroom Flat in exeter looking for a 2 Bedroom House in Exeter
3 Bedroom House in Aylesbury looking for a 3 Bedroom House in Marlow, Flackwell Heath, Bourne End, Lane End

Home swapping doesn't have to be hard

Have you found it difficult as a homeswapper to find the perfect swap? Many homeswappers find it a daunting task finding the perfect home and attracting another homeswapper in search of a similar property. However, Housing Help can make your search much simpler where you could be moving into your new home in a matter of days. Whether you wish to downsize or upsize, we make a mutual exchangewith another homeswapper much easier. It doesn’t matter whether you wish to swap a flat for a house or a maisonette or find a bigger home with a garden. We can match you with more than one homeswapper in the UK.

An endless choice of homes to swap

At Housing Help, you will find thousands of properties from single bedroom homes to sprawling bungalows just waiting for you. If you are a council house tenant who wishes to move to another house, there could be many tenants already registered on our website who are in search of a home just like yours. The truth is, there are many homeswappers in the market these days, which leaves you with a much wider choice. We give you access to a broader range in terms of size, location, and the type of homes that match your needs perfectly. So, why waste precious time when you can successfully find a huge list of perfect homeswappers almost in an instant. Besides, at Housing Help we will keep you well informed through alerts of new listings from other homeswappers that may potentially be your dream home. If you are looking for a housing benefit, swapping your home might help in increasing your benefits..

Guaranteed to find the perfect home

Register with Housing Help, and you are guaranteed to find a home more suited to your needs. Just because you are a homeswapper, it doesn’t mean you have to settle for less. We work hard to make sure you significantly increase the chances of finding a home that meets both your needs without the need for any compromise. After all it’s a matter of the comfort of your family and loved ones, and we can help you make the right mutual exchange, just like many other homeswappers in the UK have achieved simply by registering with us.

Register now, it's free to list your home swap advert.

Housing Benefit

UK residents have benefited tremendously from housing benefit schemes introduced by the Government. In these times of economic hardships, any savings on rent can be of great help. If you are looking for a housing benefit, you will first need to check if you qualify. In general, individuals with savings over £16,000 do not qualify for these benefits. There are other criterions that you need to check. If you are under 35 years of age, or if you are single, the benefit is provided only for shared accommodation or a bed-sit accommodation. Students (unless those with children or disabled) and asylum seekers do not qualify. If you are presently staying in the house of a relative, you may not qualify.

If you are interested in knowing more about housing benefits, just let us know and we will be happy to guide you through the process. As a potential houseswapper, you might gain from housing benefit if there are unused rooms in the house you are staying presently. We have plenty of properties listed on our website all over the UK to help you find the right property and maximise your benefits through a swap.

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